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5 ways to reduce Ocean Pollution

Our Overwhelming use of plastic has created environmental problems such as crowded landfills, groundwater contamination and ocean waste that future generations will still be cleaning. To help avoid this huge problem that our environment has, you can join Splash Inn Dive Center as the Ecofriendly business that we are by  participating in our Beach and…

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  Les épaves sont des portails vers le passé et offrent une fenêtre unique sur un monde sous-marin différent. Alors que certains navires, comme El Aguila, ont été coulé volontairement par l’homme pour en faire un récif artificiel, d’autres, comme The Halliiburton, sont le résultat de mauvaises météos et/ou d’erreurs humaines. Dans tous les cas,…

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La plupart des gens ont entendu parler de l’Océan Indien, de l’Océan Pacifique, mais combien d’entre vous ont entendu parler de l’Océan de plastique? Nous sommes en train de transformer l’océan entier en une immense masse d’eau remplie de plastique. Certaines parties de l’océan contiennent déjà plus de particules de plastique que de plancton! Le…

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  La plongée réduit le stress, détend et vous fait sentir bien. Chacun de nous qui a la chance de plonger le sait et pour plusieurs d’entre nous, c’est devenu un mode de vie. Aujourd’hui, je voudrais partager avec vous pourquoi la plongée, et l’environnement entourant cette magnifique activité, est plus qu’une simple nage sous…

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Diving reduces stress, unwinds you and makes you feel good. All of us that are lucky enough to dive know this, and for many of us it has become a way of life. Today I would like to share with you how diving and the environment that surrounds this beautiful activity is more than just…

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What is it about the ocean that scares people so much ¿ Are their fears purely imagined or is there any basis to them? The ocean, our massive and beautiful sea covers about 70% of the planet and can reach depths over 10 000 meters / 36 000 ft. with temperatures ranging between -2’ Celsius…

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The Plastic Sea

Most people have heard of the Dead Sea and Red Sea but not many know about the Plastic Sea, so what is the Plastic Sea ?  The Plastic Sea is what we are effectively turning our entire ocean into, a giant water mass filled with Plastic.There are already massive parts of the ocean that contain…

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I am often asked if scuba diving is an expensive hobby/sport or more accurately said I often get told by people that it is, and that because of this they don’t dive , but is it really that expensive to dive? Lets first have a look at the cost of becoming a certified diver and…

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Honduras – Bay Islands Wrecks

Wrecks are portals to the past   Wrecks are portals to the past and offer a unique window to a different kind of underwater world. While some ships like the Aguila were purposely sunk in an effort to create man-made reefs, and planes like the DC3 crash on the airport of Roatan sunk on purpose…

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Cayos Cochinos is a natural paradise of Honduras preserved as Marine National Monument. A beautiful set of two small islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande) and 13 cays, Cayos Cochinos, also referred to as the Hog Cays, are a true Caribbean paradise with the clearest water you will ever see between the Bay Islands and…

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