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What is it about the ocean that scares people so much ¿ Are their fears purely imagined or is there any basis to them?

The ocean, our massive and beautiful sea covers about 70% of the planet and can reach depths over 10 000 meters / 36 000 ft. with temperatures ranging between -2’ Celsius / 28’ Fahrenheit and 32 ‘ Celsius /89 ’ Fahrenheit. The ocean is very diverse in its conditions and the creatures that inhabit it. Due to both the diverse conditions and life forms the level of danger the ocean represents to us will vary wildly depending on where you decide to jump in. However when it comes to SCUBA diving most people prefer warm tropical climates where weather conditions are mild , not all diving is done in warm temperate climates but in my experience it is definitely preferred over cold water. Here in Roatan we have great weather and water temperatures year round and Splash INN offers diving excursions throughout the year even on those days that it’s not so sunny. Although weather can be a concern to some it is not top as far as fear goes when it comes to the ocean.

Depth can most certainly spell danger not only because of the increased pressure as depth increases but also due to the increased distance from surface. Depth however as any SCUBA diver should know, can and should be controlled. The max recreational SCUBA depth as outline by PADI is 40 meters or 130 feet. Many divers however are happy staying shallower than that and can enjoy all the glories of diving in as little as 5 meters 15 ft. of water. The majority of coral reefs and the accompanying life are found in the zone between 5 and 18 meters / 15 and 60 feet. There are reasons to go deeper like ship wrecks which tend to be found in deeper water and also certain creatures like sharks that like to be in deeper water.

SHARKS!! Yes Sharks. Most non divers jump at the mention of sharks which brings me to the next section of this blog.

Is the ocean full of monsters that are out to get you? You can definitely find some scary monster like creatures in the sea as well as some highly toxic ones none of which are trying to eat you at least not most of the time here is a graph of deaths associated to animals and as you can see sharks are at the bottom of the list with mosquitos being the number 1 killer followed closely by us Human beings. Even our best friend the dog is way further up the list than sharks.

So if you think about it you probably safer under the water diving with me than you are on dry land with all the deadly mosquitos , humans and dogs. Yes diving definitely can be dangerous but not if you have followed instructions, understand your limitations and always practice safe prudent procedures. I have been diving for 10 years done over 3000 dives and certified hundreds of students and the worst injury I have seen and the most common is still a sunburn.

I hope to see more people overcome their irrational fear and take the plunge. There is a whole new beautiful world for you to discover and myself and my colleagues are just waiting to show it to you. Come sign up for an intro class today.


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