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Blue Channel

Blue Channel is a popular dive for snorkelers and divers, located right off the shore of Roatan’s famous West End. The shallow dive is a channel, starting from just inside the reef and curving out toward the coral ridge–the top of the gently sloping wall ranges from 10 feet below the surface to 45 feet deep.

The channel itself runs parallel to the shore and differs significantly from the reef surrounding it. From the wall, you can follow a swim-through toward the reef to see damselfish, juvenile spotted drumfish, snapper, triggerfish, barracuda, grunts, tangs, goatfish, and juvenile grouper. There is another network of swim-throughs along the south wall, and lively overhangs along the north wall to choose from as well. At the entrance of the channel look for the resident green moray eels and pipefish that have made their homes in the coral, and the fireworms, large feather dusters and lobster that live there as well.

Enormous schools of silversides are known to migrate through the southern wall of the channel during the fall months of August and September, sometimes so thick that visibility is only a few feet. Due to the channel’s shallow depth, it is a perfect dive site for all levels of diving, but good buoyancy control is required to prevent scraping the coral. The southern wall of the channel houses some caves to explore, as well.

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