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Canyon Reef

Canyon Reef lives up to its name, providing divers with a medley of ravines, and tunnels to explore in a double-walled environment that resembles a giant canyon. The walls of the reef are peppered with crevices the entire way. Popular for drift diving, its landscape is decorated with towers of pillar coral ranging from 10 feet to 150 feet and is best suited for intermediate to experienced divers.

The face of the wall begins at around 10 feet, slowly descending along its front to around 30-60 feet below, after which it hits the sandy bottom at 120 feet. Near the bottom, the reef takes a gentle slope and houses communities of soft coral stands, eagle rays, and the rare seahorse.

Many of the crevices at the upper part of the reef were formed by trails of running water during a time when this underwater wall was above the surface. Some of the nooks create overhangs, partially and completely covered, creating beautiful and interesting dive inspection sites. The pillar coral here runs perpendicular to Roatan’s shoreline. Snorkeling is popular here as well, and octopi, spotted drum fish, trumpet fish, and banded coral shrimp are often found feeding near the reef.

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