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Church Wall

Church Wall is a fantastic wall dive off the coast of Roatan, great for beginner and intermediate diving. Located off the south shore of Oakridge, the sandy bottom of the dive site gently slopes downward toward a reef wall starting at 50 feet and dropping to over 200 feet at its lowest points. Sea fans, sponges, sea wisps and sea rods build a garden of soft coral that waves in the current, lining the floor and the sides of the wall. King crabs and lobsters make their homes in small holes and crevices in the wall, popular for divers to peer into. There are steep cutoffs in the wall that create a tiered effect at 80 feet, 100 feet, and finally 200 feet, well beyond the depths of recreational diving.

Groupers, snappers, eagle rays and the rare nurse shark are spotted here as well as other large pelagic fish known to circulate the area–the colorful marine life and wide wall make this site a great location for underwater photography, especially with a wide-angle lens.

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