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Gibson Bight

Gibson Bight is a wall dive off the northern shore of Roatan, with a depth range of approximately 90 feet. The mooring is located near a beautiful canyon, which will lead divers directly to the wall when followed. While visibility is not the best in the canyon, there are formations along the sides worth noting. The shallows surrounding the canyon begin at 10 feet for excellent visibility, with coral fingers forming many twisting ravines into the reef toward the ocean. Here, divers will find fire coral, boulder coral, pillar coral, and to the left a famous barrel sponge that is both ancient and enormous.

The wall is nearly vertical in most places, and can drop to over 130 feet in areas. There are canyons dipping through many parts of the wall, and overhangs that create fun and interesting swim-throughs. For those who are interested in bringing flashlights, the swim-throughs and ravines are excellent sites for illuminating.

Spotted Eagle Rays, dog snappers, pufferfish, and balloonfish are often sighted here, so keep your eyes open.

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