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Half Moon Bay Wall

Located almost directly off the beach in West End, Half Moon Bay Wall is an easily accessible dive perfect for all diving levels. The reef starts at around 15 feet and continues to the top of a small, beautiful, semicircular wall that drops down to 150 feet and deeper. There are moorings at the wall for Dixie’s and Dive Master’s Choice here as well, due to the size of the reef and the abundance of marine life found in and around it. Flamingo tongues, gorgonians, black coral and orange elephant ear sponges line the sides of the wall, while schools of grouper, Blue Chromis, and Creole Wrasse dart around the sides.

Moray eels, lobsters, and turtles are also known to be frequently found in this area, while a tunnel further up along the reef is arguably the best place on the island to find Eagle Rays. The shallow nature of the top of the wall provides excellent visibility for the vibrant coral outcroppings that meet the white sand, although the plunging depth of the wall also promises more adventure for those who wish to go deeper. Plenty of dive sites around the wall to enjoy, even on just one extended dive.

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