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Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is a staple Roatan scuba dive, don’t leave the island without diving here! Located just outside of Mangrove bight and a great dive for diving enthusiasts of all levels, there is something for everyone here. The “Hole in the Wall” opening this site is named for is a sand chute tunnel through a reef wall that begins at 40 feet. Coming out through the other side of the chute, divers will emerge at 100 feet. Beginning divers can enjoy the aquatic scenery surrounding the sand slope and the spectacular wall on the right side of it, while more advanced divers can descend down to just above the impressive abyss which drops thousands of feet below.

Ascending up toward the wall on the right, watch for eagle rays, turtles, Creole Wrasse, and Blue Tang. Once the top of the wall is reached, divers can continue forward to access the shallows where visibility and color vibrancy increases and unique “swiss cheese” rock formations (an apt nickname for this dive site) give way to caverns, swim-throughs, and canyons that house many different species of both native and introduced sea life, including the Spotted Scorpion Fish, King Crab, and Glassy Sweeper. Watch for the Spotted Drum Fish, groupers, File Fish, and the occasional nurse shark. Seasonally, schools of silverside sparkle in the sunbeams as they swim through the shallows and fill one of the caves.

The last canyon in the shallows provides more than just a home to the marine life here: for the adrenaline-seeking diver, there is a cavern at the end of the canyon, containing several dark and dangerous passages to be explored with a guide.

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