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Insidious Wall

Located about half a mile south of the reef on a sloping offshore bank on a crest, the Insidious Reef dive site separates itself from most of the other sites located on the fringing reef that parallels Roatan’s shoreline. Its distance from the main reef makes it a relatively undiscovered dive site on the island, with many dive operators choosing not to make the journey. Splash Inn does provide access to the dive site. The top of the reef starts at about 16 meters deep on a crest, and then plunges down into the Bartlett Trench downwards of 1500 meters. This wall dive is popular for its giant pockets of many different coral varieties: black coral, azure coral, pillar coral, staghorn coral and boulder coral are abundant here in different areas of the reef wall. Due to the depth of the dive, good buoyancy control is required, but the dive itself is not challenging and can be great for intermediate divers.

Sponges, Queen and Ocean triggerfish, filefish, trevallies, barracuda, black durgeons, octopus, creole wrasse, hogfish, tobacco fish, blackcap basslets, groupers, sea turtles, and the occasional shark are plentiful here as well, giving divers an eyeful of biodiverse marine life and its surrounding natural habitat.

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