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Keyhole Reef

Keyhole reef is a slot canyon dive ideal for beginner and intermediate level divers.  A compelling dive that leads from the reef mooring through the canyon and out the other side into a lagoon, this site offers a variety of underwater topography complete with many overhangs to explore while diving.  Since the canyon connects the ocean to the water of the lagoon, a unique opportunity to experience the mixed waters exists, although at times the water mixing can create a “cloudy” visibility, and an eerie feeling. The narrow opening at the top of the reef in the canyon creates a cathedral-like opening, and a ribbon of sunlight for divers to enjoy while swimming upside-down.

For divers who opt into swimming from the inner reef rather than the mooring point, the initial dive starts at 30 feet below, in a bed of turtle grass and gently slopes to depths of 100 feet.  At this point, the walls of the canyon on both sides tower overhead, stretching up to the surface.  Banded Butterflyfish, Snapper, Small Leaf Hanging Vine, Fan Worms, Green and Spotted Moray Eels, Green Starfish and Star Coral are sprinkled throughout the dive, so keep your eyes open.  Also reported here are sightings of the elusive toadfish, which lucky divers will be able to hear and see during the right seasons.

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