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Pablo’s Place

Pablo’s Place offers a popular dive site for those who are interested in drift diving in Roatan. Located at the western tip of the island near Flowers Bay, divers will encounter a vertical reef wall starting at about 50 feet below surface and seems to keep descending almost indefinitely. The current flows from east to west and ranges from light to moderate for recreational drift diving. Barracuda, eagle rays, triggerfish, trumpet fish, dog snapper, and yellowtail snapper swim in schools around the wall, and colonies of black coral and big barrel sponges line its sides. On occasion, green moray eels, nurse sharks, reef sharks, whale sharks, and hammerhead sharks are also spotted here. Our dive instructors suggest going in the early to mid-morning, while the sun is in the best position to illuminate the magnificent wall.

For divers who are certified to hunt lionfish, this is an excellent place to start. The Roatan Marine Park encourages people to hunt this invasive species, and can provide more information on the topic.

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