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One of the four dives sites that comprise The Point–along with Black Rock, West End Wall, and Pablo’s Place–Texas is a fantastic dive site with a maximum depth of 90 feet.  The dive site is characterized as flat underwater plains littered with oversized barrel sponges.  It is an extremely popular dive for all levels, but recommended specifically for divers with Advanced Open Water certifications.  It is known for being one of the only places in Roatan to find the rare Sargassum Triggerfish, so be on the lookout–lucky divers may be able to find one here.  In addition to the Triggerfish, an abundance of sea life is present at this dive site including queen triggerfish, groupers, wrasse, black durgon, atlantic spade fish, angels, hogfish, barracuda, and giant barrel sponges large enough for divers to fit inside of.  Aptly named Texas because “everything is huge”.  Also a great place for underwater photography: especially with a wide-angle lens.

The current runs from East to West here at around 50 feet, and the location of the site off the southernmost tip of the island makes it a great place for divers to relax and simply drift over the plains.  However, along the wall that drops to about 100 feet, the current makes it slightly more difficult to maneuver and exploring toward the top of the wall is exclusively recommended for more advanced divers.

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