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The Odyssey (Shipwreck)

110 feet under the surface off Roatan’s shore sits the Odyssey wreck. At 300 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 85 feet tall, this freighter is Roatan’s largest wreck dive, as well as one of the largest in the Caribbean. Intentionally sunk for divers in 2002, this ship is still intact and requires a more advanced skill level than the El Aguila to penetrate, so diving with a wreck diving certification is recommended.

The centersection of the Odyssey has collapsed, but the bow remains tall and upright–providing scenic views of the surrounding reef wall, a nearby sand patch, and the rest of the ship. Holes for divers have been cut into the sides of the ship, but to explore inside an underwater flashlight is required. Schools of large grouper, barracuda, tuna, and sharks have often been seen surrounding the wreck by divers. It is impossible to explore the entire wreck in its multi-level enormity in a single dive.

The Odyssey was donated by the Hydes of Hybur Limited after a devastating fire damaged the freighter during a rebuilding. The ship was cleaned, prepared, and finally sank after government approval with help from several dive operators and volunteers around the island. 50 truckloads of debris later, the ship was made safe for divers by welding incredibly heavy hatch covers to the ship’s frame, strengthening it to deter future collapse.

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