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Roatan Dive Sites

Roatan Dive Sites Map

We are proud to offer you the most complete and detailed Roatan diving sites map ever created. We have coordinated efforts with professional divers with many years of experience on the island and the best map designer to give you the possibility to check all the best dive sites on the island of Roatan.  …

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Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is a staple Roatan scuba dive, don’t leave the island without diving here! Located just outside of Mangrove bight and a great dive for diving enthusiasts of all levels, there is something for everyone here. The “Hole in the Wall” opening this site is named for is a sand chute tunnel…

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El Aguila (Shipwreck)

One of three main shipwreck dive sites off Roatan’s coast, El Aguila is 75 meters (230 feet) long and broken into three pieces (courtesy of 1998’s Hurricane Mitch) providing plenty of area and many nooks and crannies for divers to explore. Spanish for ‘the Eagle,’ El Aguila is thought to have originally sunk off the…

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Mandy’s Eel Garden

Mandy’s Eel Garden is located right off the prestigious West Bay Beach. Not only does the location make it a great option for visitors to Roatan, the shallow depth of the dive provides accessible and easy diving for divers of all levels. Known for the patches of garden eels located at the sandy patch near…

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The Odyssey (Shipwreck)

110 feet under the surface off Roatan’s shore sits the Odyssey wreck. At 300 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 85 feet tall, this freighter is Roatan’s largest wreck dive, as well as one of the largest in the Caribbean. Intentionally sunk for divers in 2002, this ship is still intact and requires a more…

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Blue Channel

Blue Channel is a popular dive for snorkelers and divers, located right off the shore of Roatan’s famous West End. The shallow dive is a channel, starting from just inside the reef and curving out toward the coral ridge–the top of the gently sloping wall ranges from 10 feet below the surface to 45 feet…

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West End Wall

One of the most popular dive sites off Roatan’s coast, the West End Wall is beautiful wall dive which promises divers spectacular views of an enormous underwater wall and an abundance of marine life inhabiting it. Great for snorkeling as well, the crest of the reef is knit with plenty of stony coral and gorgonians…

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Turtle Crossing

Turtle Crossing is located off the shore between West End and West Bay, near coral channels that lead to a wall dropping off at 120 feet. There are two sandy plateaus here at 20 feet and 45 feet surrounded by coral structures where divers can find an abundance of marine life, making diving deeper relatively…

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Bears Den

A popular cavern dive in Roatan, Bears Den begins with a 120 foot long “chimney chute” swim-through at 50 feet below the surface, leading divers through to an opening that gives way to a honeycombed coral wall. While all skill levels can dive near the reef, this part of the dive is better suited for…

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Pablo’s Place

Pablo’s Place offers a popular dive site for those who are interested in drift diving in Roatan. Located at the western tip of the island near Flowers Bay, divers will encounter a vertical reef wall starting at about 50 feet below surface and seems to keep descending almost indefinitely. The current flows from east to…

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