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Roatan Dive Sites

Spooky Channel

For divers searching for something different, Spooky Channel is an interesting location that links the lagoon to Roatan’s outer reef. Once an ancient waterfall above the surface in the last ice age, this gorge now provides a beautiful underwater canyon for divers to enjoy. Begin the channel in the shallows of Sandy Bay’s murky lagoon,…

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Half Moon Bay Wall

Located almost directly off the beach in West End, Half Moon Bay Wall is an easily accessible dive perfect for all diving levels. The reef starts at around 15 feet and continues to the top of a small, beautiful, semicircular wall that drops down to 150 feet and deeper. There are moorings at the wall…

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Gibson Bight

Gibson Bight is a wall dive off the northern shore of Roatan, with a depth range of approximately 90 feet. The mooring is located near a beautiful canyon, which will lead divers directly to the wall when followed. While visibility is not the best in the canyon, there are formations along the sides worth noting.…

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Canyon Reef

Canyon Reef lives up to its name, providing divers with a medley of ravines, and tunnels to explore in a double-walled environment that resembles a giant canyon. The walls of the reef are peppered with crevices the entire way. Popular for drift diving, its landscape is decorated with towers of pillar coral ranging from 10…

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Insidious Wall

Located about half a mile south of the reef on a sloping offshore bank on a crest, the Insidious Reef dive site separates itself from most of the other sites located on the fringing reef that parallels Roatan’s shoreline. Its distance from the main reef makes it a relatively undiscovered dive site on the island,…

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Church Wall

Church Wall is a fantastic wall dive off the coast of Roatan, great for beginner and intermediate diving. Located off the south shore of Oakridge, the sandy bottom of the dive site gently slopes downward toward a reef wall starting at 50 feet and dropping to over 200 feet at its lowest points. Sea fans,…

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Keyhole Reef

Keyhole reef is a slot canyon dive ideal for beginner and intermediate level divers.  A compelling dive that leads from the reef mooring through the canyon and out the other side into a lagoon, this site offers a variety of underwater topography complete with many overhangs to explore while diving.  Since the canyon connects the…

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One of the four dives sites that comprise The Point–along with Black Rock, West End Wall, and Pablo’s Place–Texas is a fantastic dive site with a maximum depth of 90 feet.  The dive site is characterized as flat underwater plains littered with oversized barrel sponges.  It is an extremely popular dive for all levels, but recommended…

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White Hole

Located off the coast of Sandy Bay, this dive site is named White Hole for the circular patch of white sand that greets you at the start of your dive at 35 feet.  Also a popular site for night diving, the maximum dive depth reaches over 120 feet beyond the wall, which you can find past the…

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Pete’s Place

Just north of the El Aguila shipwreck dive off Roatan’s coast is a magnificent wall dive called Peter’s Place.  Doubling as a great drift dive with a maximum depth of up to 100 feet, the wall face offers plenty of nooks, crevices, and mini canyons for divers to observe over the slanting sand slope.  More…

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