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5 ways to reduce Ocean Pollution

Our Overwhelming use of plastic has created environmental problems such as crowded landfills, groundwater contamination and ocean waste that future generations will still be cleaning. To help avoid this huge problem that our environment has, you can join Splash Inn Dive Center as the Ecofriendly business that we are by  participating in our Beach and Dive Clean up.

Splash Inn Resort & Dive center would like to encourage you to help us with the Following five steps.


1. Recycle

This one should go without saying, we can start with our day to day routine. Instead of buying plastic bottled water we should always try to carry around a extra Canteen maybe a stainless steal one, that way we can refill and reuse. Plastic bags, when using a single use plastic bag that can be recycled, always be sure to recycle them. This keeps them out of the ocean and reduces the amount of new plastic in circulation.


2. participate in community beach cleanup

Beach cleanups are a great way to get involved in protecting the marine environment and also great way to exercise. We can always lend a hand as volunteers whenever someone is planning a beach cleanup near us, picking up plastic bags, empty drink bottle or plastic straws from the ground when you are out and about means one less piece of litter in the environment.


3. support bans of plastic bags in stores near you and bring your own shopping bags.

Our municipalities are trying to ban the use of single plastic bags in our grocery stores, restaurant take outs containers, plastic bottles and straws. You can support your community but adopting these habits and instead of using the plastic bags they provide at your local grocery store you can purchase an organic cotton portable shopping bag that way you can reuse instead of receiving the plastic bags.


4. Cardboard Vs Plastic

Its easier to recycle cardboard then plastic and also paper products tend to biodegrade quicker then plastic would.  When at the coffee shop instead of asking for a plastic lid for your coffee cup just have it without one or take your thermos along with you with makes its easier and safer for our environment.


5. say no to straws

Plastic straws are only for a single use, so Instead of asking for one at your local restaurant or bar just have your drink without one or if they have biodegraded straws ask for one of them instead.

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