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Cayos Cochinos is a natural paradise of Honduras preserved as Marine National Monument.
A beautiful set of two small islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Grande) and 13 cays, Cayos Cochinos, also referred to as the Hog Cays, are a true Caribbean paradise with the clearest water you will ever see between the Bay Islands and the mainland of Honduras.

Cayos Cocinos

Ask anyone living in the Bay Islands of Honduras where the most pristine diving is and the answer is always the same: “Cayos Cochinos!” Trips to the islands offer a wonderful variety for scuba divers and snorkelers. The reefs have impressive marine life, some of it found nowhere else in the Bay Islands.
The coral reef here is part of the world’s second largest coral reef system known as the Meso-American Barrier Reef. There is a scientific research station on Cayo Menor, the smaller of the two main islands.
Cayos Cochinos is a place yet to truly be discovered, not many people live there. The population is less than 200 people, and surprisingly, most of the people live on the smaller islands of Chachaguate.
There are two regularly inhabited villages on Cayos Cochinos, one of the them is East End, which is a permanent outpost of the Garifuna people that live in the community of Sambo Creek, close to La Ceiba. The other is Chachahuate, a small, primitive looking community on a cay of the same name, whose inhabitants are from Nueva Armenia, Jutiapa. There is no power nor running water, but this community is among the happiest you will ever meet. Visiting Chachahuate is like a trip back in time; it undeniably feels like time has stopped in this small community that has somehow remained immune to many of the technological advances over the last century. Don’t miss the local food they prepare right in front of you, fried fish is their specialty.

The beaches in Cayos Cochinos, Honduras are as famous as its diving sites. The large white sand beaches abutting the crystal clear turquoise ocean line the coast. A trip to Cayos Cochinos is one of the most memorable things to do on a Honduras vacation, and you can book your trip there directly through Splash Inn Dive Resort.
Don’t miss this wonderful paradise next time you visit Honduras.


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