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I am often asked if scuba diving is an expensive hobby/sport or more accurately said I often get told by people that it is, and that because of this they don’t dive , but is it really that expensive to dive?

Lets first have a look at the cost of becoming a certified diver and what it means to be a certified diver. If you want to dive as a hobby you need to become certified, there are many certifying agencies but PADI is definitely the most well known world wide . So what does it cost to become a PADI certified diver ? Prices will vary wildly and it can cost you as little as $250 to as much as $ 600 to get your open water certification, but lets say it will cost you about $300 on average to get your OW cert.

Once certified you can expect to pay between $20 to $100 per dive including the use of equipment if you don’t own your own . We will get into the cost of purchasing your own equipment some other time so lets say it will cost you around $40 a dive which is by the way what we charge in Splash Inn Dive Resort.

So how does diving compare cost wise to some other popular hobbies like golf , skydiving or sport fishing ?

Well lets have a look at these other recreational sports and see.

Golf is a very popular sporty/ hobby and also involves getting trained and fees for games and equipment and just like SCUBA there is gonna be a wide range of prices depending on where you go to practice this hobby. A single golf lesson is gonna cost you anything between $25 and $150 and you will probably need a few so lets say at average it will cost you around $50 with at least 5 lessons to learn the basics so you looking at around $250 to learn the game and how to play it . So know that you can play some golf what are the fees involved to go play ? According to my research a good average price is around $50 for 18 hole of golf but prices ranged wildly and are even as high as $250 depending on the course, time of year and even time of day.

Now lets look at something a little more exciting Skydiving .

Skydiving is defiantly one of the more extreme hobbies and I guess because of this reason it also has one of the heavier price tags, almost as if the more adrenaline is involved the more money you will have to spend. Just doing a tandem jump is not to crazy but will cost you around $300 but if you want to be an independent jumper you looking at $2000 to $3000 this doesn’t surprise me considering the risk involved but nonetheless it is definitely one of the more costly hobbies out there.

Lastly lets look at another water sport, Fishing . I you like to fish you probably been doing so for a while and don’t need to be taught much so as far as learning the ropes you don’t have much to worry about , but what does a day fishing from a boat run these days ? I asked around and got a wide array of prices but a half day fishing would cost you about $300 and a full day around $600 these prices however are for the use of the boat and cost could be split between various people depending on the capacity of the vessel. This means that it could cost you between $50 to $100 per person depending on how may people you are .

So is SCUBA that expensive a hobby ? According to what I have seen not really i would say it is one of the more affordably hobbies out there and definitely one of the more exciting. SCUBA is probably the closest most people will ever get to exploring another world. So come and join us here in Roatan Honduras and take the plunge with splash inn today.

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